Yoga is a meditative practice that originated in India and has become popular in the West since the 1970s.

Today, it has become a very fashionable practice, practiced by millions of followers around the world for its many positive effects on the body and mind. Yoga is a very beneficial practice for seniors because it allows them to develop and stay fit.

Yoga helps to break out of a sedentary lifestyle

A major problem that many seniors suffer from is lack of exercise. Their lack of physical activity and outings complicates their health and causes them to slow down and lose weight. Yoga offers the opportunity to be physically active indoors or outdoors, in a group or alone.

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Its practice requires physical effort, but it is gentle and slow and can be suitable for all ages and fitness levels. It is therefore an interesting alternative to other harder and more traumatizing physical activities.

Yoga improves the mood of seniors

Yoga is a meditative practice inspired by spiritual currents from the Far East. It allows one to focus on oneself through structured exercises around movements, postures, and thoughts.

It allows one to focus mental energies on the gestures, reducing pressure and psychological tension. Negative thoughts, fears and stress are reduced, and thanks to yoga the elderly person becomes more relaxed, and lighter and sees life more positively.

Improving the mood of older people through yoga often affects their physical health as well.

For example, older people who practiced yoga were found to have improved blood pressure and heart rate.

Yoga improves sleep quality

Because yoga elevates mood, lowers stress levels, and relaxes and loosens the body, it has a very positive effect on sleep quality, sleep duration, and speed of falling asleep. Yoga can therefore solve a common problem among older people, many of whom suffer from sleep disorders.

Scientific studies even suggest that long-term yoga practice, especially when combined with meditation, can gradually shorten the time it takes to fall asleep and improve overall sleep quality.

Yoga helps relieve chronic pain

Older people often suffer from chronic pain. This can be bone, joint, or muscle pain and can be caused by injury or systemic disease.

Yoga practice includes stretching exercises, twisting the pelvis and upper body, and leg and arm joints.

These gentle but effective movements gradually improve the elasticity and strength of muscles and tendons and increase the resistance of joints. These benefits can relieve chronic pain caused by arthritis or osteoporosis in older people.

Another benefit of yoga is that it trains seniors to assume and maintain certain postures, which helps them avoid slouching or back, shoulder and neck damaging postures in their daily lives.

yoga for seniors

Yoga strengthens the sense of balance

When the senior begins yoga, he initially practices only the simplest movements and postures, but as he gains confidence and control, he can be introduced to more complex postures.

These allow him to improve and strengthen his sense of balance, which in turn affects his well-being in everyday life.

Seniors who practice yoga are therefore less prone to falls, which are very common and dangerous in the elderly, leading to serious injuries such as pelvic fractures.

Yoga helps to socialize

Yoga is usually practiced in groups so seniors can get out of the house, engage in physical and meditative activities outdoors, and meet new peers.

So it’s a great way to socialize, which is not unimportant for seniors, as many of them are known to suffer from loneliness and isolation.


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