Make the right choices for your Yoga teacher diploma

Today, there are more and more yoga training courses aimed at training qualified or certified Yoga teachers.

However, all the training centers offering them are far from being specialized in the field. Specialization is however one of the major guarantees of quality. And you are in a restaurant what do you prefer?

  • A 20-page menu with 50 frozen and reheated dishes for sure?
  • Or a 1-page menu with 4 choice dishes made especially for you?

For us, the choice is quickly made. Also, how can you be sure to choose an initial Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, a yoga therapy training, or even a prenatal yoga training or even a quality children’s yoga training, adapted to your objectives, and acquire certain skills to teach yoga with a classical or more specialized public.

Make the right choices for your Yoga teacher

First… who are we to talk about it?

The Indian Federation of Om Yogpeeth is the continuity of one of the first Indian yoga centers, Om Yogpeeth.

We decided to transform this mythical center in 2016 to devote ourselves exclusively to the training of qualified and certified yoga teachers and benefit from an approval number from the Ministry of Labor which has recognized us for many years as a center of official professional training (which is rare in Yoga).

Its founder has been a yoga teacher for more than 20 years and is a recognized expert, particularly in the general teaching of yoga, but also in more specialized aspects such as therapeutic yoga and prenatal yoga.

Coordinator responsible for the yoga postures and pranayama section of the famous magazines, she has long been consulted in specific areas of expertise.

In addition to 20 years of experience, 10 of which in training yoga teachers, we have trained thousands of students and hundreds of teachers.

We have seen and watched this environment expand visibly, according to the currents of teaching and the economic stakes it generated.

Believe us, we have seen healthy ones and especially unripe ones! Sometimes even laughable, even others much sadder and worrying. As such, we believe it is important to talk about it.

Linked to the advent of Yoga in major Indian cities, the craze is such that more and more students are considering turning their passion for Yoga into a professional activity. But how to navigate among all these styles and schools of Yoga?

Yoga diplomas: a private certification not recognized by the State

You certainly know it, there are no state diplomas in the middle of Yoga.

The consequence is simple: all teacher training, including those offered within yoga federations, can only issue private diplomas.

No quality control can be carried out upstream.

Like all non-officially recognized disciplines, this phenomenon naturally gives rise to disparities in the quality of the lineages and the teachings provided. The offer increases every day a little more.

This natural process is quite normal and classic.

However, how can we consider that it raises the quality of teaching when the level of trainers is not always sufficient?

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How to choose your Yoga teacher training?

Today, the quality of yogic teaching is no longer the only value allowing a student to enroll in yoga training. The referencing of search engines generates an often incomplete search since one often stops at the first results. In addition, the multiplicity of the offer means that you can quickly get lost. What about the programs that some simply copy without having:

  • the skills to then assume them
  • training to pass them on in good conditions.

However, if the first sites visited are attractive, the program and prices are consistent and the general impression is good, the decision can be made quickly.

Unfortunately, disillusion can quickly set in behind these first impressions.

In a world of communication, how can you be sure that the showcase of a Yoga training center is as effective in its content as in the teaching delivered?

choose your Yoga teacher training

Some guarantees for choosing your yoga training

  • The first thing to do is to look at the legal notices of each training center or yoga school. Thereby:
  • you will know who is hiding behind the window
  • you will be able to measure with more certainty the degree of competence of teachers.
  • By whom are the diplomas given, what value do they have?
  • Does the training center have a State approval number authorizing it to be recognized as a vocational training center and allowing public or private organizations to take charge of training?
  • Specialization: is the training provided by a school part of the overall menu of its services, or is it a unique and specialized activity?
  • The unique aspect of the training is also a guarantee of quality. It must be accompanied by precision in the theme: a Yoga training organization will not be afraid to assume its specificities
  • Yoga Alliance certified Yoga training is also a guarantee of seriousness, even if the theory sometimes deviates from reality.

Indeed for a training to be certified by this world-famous organization, the trainer or the yoga training center must first:

  • have your program validated, according to a certain number of hours and theoretical and practical quality standards
  • pay for license
  • As you will have understood, Yoga Alliance is one more element that allows you to judge the quality of teaching. Moreover, if a yoga center is ready to pay for this famous license, it’s a safe bet that it is quite sure of itself.

However, these theoretical elements are not enough to guarantee the main thing: the quality of the transmission of the teaching, the pedagogy of the trainer.

In short, a certification is an important element, but a piece of paper can never guarantee human value. Among other questions to ask yourself to choose your yoga teacher training, we can cite:

  • How old is the training center?
  • What experience does the main trainer have, what are these references, and his curriculum?
  • In what line was he trained and what does he teach?
  • How does it position itself from an economic point of view in the yoga training market?
  • If the prices are exorbitant, what are the added values?
  • If the prices are too low, what are the reasons?


Conclusion: Wanting to become a yoga teacher is something legitimate when you want to live from your passion and fully blossom.

But to acquire the skills that will allow you to professionalize your achievements, it is important to carefully choose the training center in which you will trust, and entrust both your future and your money.

The importance of the offer now complicates the task of finding your way around.

It is therefore important to dig beyond the facade so that all the guarantees are met to allow you to engage in the general or specialized yoga teacher training of your choice.

Our area of ​​expertise guarantees all the quality criteria that we have mentioned.

We guarantee the quality and certify the authenticity of our 200 hours of training to become a Yoga teacher, including 200 hours certified by Yoga Alliance.

And you, how did you choose your teacher training? Were you satisfied with it?

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